vrijdag 21 januari 2011

8. Promotion part 1

Promotion part 1

T-Mobile makes promotion in different ways. The most used ways are TV commercials and posters. Nowadays everyone has a Hyves, Twitter or Facebook account. Advertising is also done through these channels.

TV commercials
T-Mobile has made many commercials. I have chosen a few of them, and now I will go in to them.
            Web’n’Walk commercial. In the beginning you can see a woman who is shopping and making a photo of a beautiful dress and sending it over the internet. Then there is a man who initially wants to drive on his appointment on his motorbike, but the sky above him is grey. He quickly searches on the web’n’walk of T-Mobile what the weather will be like. When he sees that it will be rainy weather he quickly takes a taxi. The last person is someone who has an appointment but he doesn’t know where it is. Quickly he seeks out where he should be. The three people seem to be friends and had agreed to meet. T-Mobile shows the convenience of a Web’n’Walk, wherever you are you can find everything, that is the message.
            Laptop commercial. T-Mobile shows in this commercial that mobile internet on your laptop is a nice gadget. You can be anywhere on your laptop. Beyond that the connection is so good that you can see all the details clearly

As I have written before, there are still a lot of complaints about the range of T-Mobile in certain areas. T-Mobile has tried to make promotion for this problem. What you see is a business man in a kind of desert busy with his mobile phone. He is calling someone and he speaks in ‘good connection’ which refers to the criticism that T-Mobile received.

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