vrijdag 21 januari 2011

11. Corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility

The important thing of Corporate social responsibility is to find a balance between people, planet and profit. T-Mobile takes its responsibility for the effects of their business on humans, society and environment.

The CSR initiatives of T-Mobile can be divided into several categories:
            - Sustainable business
            - Sustainable products & services
            - Chain responsibility
            - Sustainable relationships

Sustainable business
Corporate social responsibility starts with your own business. So use all T-Mobile shops and its  network 100% green power. In combination of advanced equipment this means an efficient use of green energy. Further T-Mobile attempts to keep on the ISO 14001. This standard ensures that companies are going to focus on managing risks and improving environmental performance.

Sustainable products & services
Together with Samsung T-Mobile have released the first green cell phone on the market. These phones are made of recycled materials and have solar cells on the back.

Chain responsibility
At T-Mobile not only the price but also the production method is important. From 2010 on all the provisions of the Social Charter are included as a part of the purchasing process. The Social Charter has a number of principles which protect the relationships between employees. With the Social Charter T-Mobile stresses the importance of respecting human rights, equal opportunities, health and safety.

Sustainable relationships
Since 2007 T-Mobile has a sustainable relationship with partner War Child. To help War Child T-Mobile put in people and resources. Think of phones, communications links and network connections for employees of War Child.

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