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5. Relationship between T-Mobile and Iphone

Relationship between T-Mobile and Iphone

The first Iphone was developed. T-Mobile was able to gain monopoly of selling Iphone devices for a long time. Because they had made good agreements with Apple they got the monopoly. Iphone is a very popular product, this in combination with T-Mobile was an important invention. Unfortunately, the monopoly ended in the middle of January 2010. T-Mobile has earned a lot of money because of  their monopoly.

Iphone 4
The monopoly ended when Iphone four hit the market. Nowadays you can also get an Iphone at KPN, Hi, Telfort and Vodafone. The result of losing this monopoly is not good for us as consumers. The prices did not decrease but  increased instead. T-Mobile increased the price of Iphones on 1 November 2010.

Iphone subscription
In an Iphone subscription you can surf, call and text from a bundle. You can also get unlimited access to the internet. This is not the case with the competitors. In the blog Vodafone and KPN as competitor I will tell you more about these regulations. At T-Mobile and other providers you have to choose whether you want an annual or a two-year-contract. Then you have to make an estimated how many minutes you think you need. The Iphone four is very expensive, that is the reason you have to pay a lot more extra for many different monthly fees. The extra money vary between 29,95 and 329,95 Euros. If you have a high monthly subscription you don’t have to pay a lot extra. Unfortunately the Iphone four is not available with an annual contract.

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