vrijdag 21 januari 2011

4. The employees

The employees

All employees who have daily contact with consumers of T-Mobile have got a intensive training. When they have finished, they are capable to work in the shops, webcareteam or at the costumer service. The employee gets four weeks of training, the training is a combination of theory and practise. They learn things like having a conversation, and they get knowledge about their products and system.

Inside the T-Mobile headquarters there are different departments. The most important four are, the webcareteam, functional management, direct sales corporations and the customer service-line.

T-Mobile has got a webcareteam, their job is to search on internet for positive and negative reactions. Next they approach consumers with problems and try to solve the problems.

Funtional management
In the headquarters of T-Mobile there are a lot of computers. These computers need maintenance. The functional management department regulates the maintenance.  

Direct sales corporations
This is a team who manage the contact with business consumers.

Consumer service-line
The last important department is the consumer service-line. The employees of the service-line give answers to your questions or complain.

Employees of the T-Mobile shop
The employees in the T-Mobile shop must be friendly, social and of course they must be able to sell products to consumers. It may be that the employee asks for your personal information. Unfortunately, the employees in England have sold information about their customers. T-Mobile decided to warn the British authorities. My advice to consumers is asking why they need your personal information.

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