vrijdag 21 januari 2011

3. The quality of the T-Mobile shops

The quality of the T-Mobile shops

To tell you about the T-Mobile shop I have visited a number of T-Mobile shops. A T-Mobile shop is a showroom for mobile phones, but you can also ask questions about your subscriptions and mobile phone. During my visit I watched the appearance and overview of the shop.

The appearance
To begin with I will write about the appearance of the store. What struck me was that the store was neat and tidy. The front of the door was clean as well. A lot of glass was used. The advantage of glass is that it gives the shop a modern look and it makes it look more spacious than it really is. I am also very positive over the inside of the shop. The showroom of T-Mobile contains a lot of white, the disadvantage of white is that if it is dirty you will see it immediately. But this was not the case, everything was clean and well maintained.

Overview of the shop
When entering the shop you pull a ticket to be helped. On a large matrix board you can see when it is your turn. Furthermore T-Mobile has an Iphone and a Blackberry helpdesk. Here you can be helped if you have questions regarding the Iphone and Blackberry. Besides these two service desks I found a waiting room, which if you ask me was very client-friendly. Possibilities such as pulling a ticket, a special service desk and a waiting room enhances customer’s focus. The result is that T-Mobile will get good response from their consumers.
A point that scored less was that the store wasn’t well divided. The store had a rectangular shape. Behind the service desk where you can ask your questions is also the showroom which makes it very narrow.

Overall I still think that the T-Mobile shop has a sufficient score. It has many options for consumers to make it as easy as possible.

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