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10. Vodafone and KPN as competitor

Vodafone and KPN as competitor

Vodafone and T-Mobile are both big providers. The question which one of them is really better is hard to tell. It depends on what kind of user you are. In 2007 was Vodafone number two in the mobile communication market. When T-Mobile took over control of Orange this changed. T-Mobile had a quarter of the market quota. Nowadays KPN is number one and T-Mobile number two.   
Benefits and disadvantage
Here are a few benefits of Vodafone and KPN:
  • It doesn’t matter where you are, the accessibility of Vodafone is extremely good.
  • The speed of internet of Vodafone is also better, this is because Vodafone has a data limit. Consumers can download a maximum of 1 GB.

The disadvantage of Vodafone and KPN
  • The time u use for calling somebody is not rounded in seconds but costs you a whole minute, that in comparison with T-Mobile.
  • They are a lot more expensive than T-Mobile.
  • You can not take the remaining minutes to the next month.
  • KPN and Vodafone both have a data limit. This means that a person only can download up to 1 GB.

Battle of the Iphone
It is clear that there is a battle between Vodafone and T-Mobile about the Iphone. The popularity of the Iphone is rising, and therefore also the sales. It seems like T-Mobile is winning the battle. Not because T-Mobile is such a good provider, the problem is the maximum of data download of Vodafone. A combination of an Iphone and a data limit is a fail. Another big issue is the fact that you have to pay a lot more extra for the Iphone compared

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