vrijdag 21 januari 2011

12. The future

T-Mobile has a few missions and goals. These are based on what went wrong during the last few years. The missions are:

-         A better world.
-         Taking the lead in WiFi.
-         Becoming number one in mobile communication.
-         Expension of the number of selling points
-         Improving the consumer service-line

T-Mobile tries to create a better world by taking more responsibility for the world and environment. The goal is to work more with green energie.

As you know there are a lot of complaints about the connection with the HotSpots. The goal is therefore building more HotSpots. Not only in the west but also in the east were the problems are bigger.  

KPN nowadays have 46 percent of the market of mobile users among them. T-Mobile is at the moment the number two, the goal is becoming number one.  

T-Mobile currently has 85 selling points. The goal is to increase the number of shops on the east side of the country.

Because the comment of Youp van ‘t Hek, improving the consumer service-line has become the number one priority. T-Mobile wants to achieve this by making more TV commercials about their service and products. Another way of reaching this goal is to train their employees who are working at the consumer service-line. Especially by training them to solve problems of the consumers. The problems may be related to payments, renewal of subscriptions, errors in their system, phones that don’t work as they should do.

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