vrijdag 21 januari 2011

6. Development and partners

Development and partners

Inside the telecom and internetbranche developments take place in high speed. Every day new services and products are being launched, where mobile communication has a big role. T-Mobile is continuously trying to create new innovative services and products. This gives them an opportunity to expand and  improve their service for the consumers.
Besides their own activities, they’re always looking for partners to co-operate for more development. As example you can think of the Iphone and T-Mobile and their great success, also was the collaboration with Blackberry a big hit. T-Mobile has got a special development team. Their job is to bring T-Mobile and their partners together. They arrange the contact between the two organisations and evaluates the offer.

T-Mobile works with organisations who are active on the next areas:

Technology & Devices
Organisations that build networks for T-Mobile or supply new (innovative) mobile devices.
Organisations who can develop, build and manage products and services for users of T-Mobile.
 Marketing & Sales
Organisations who can bring T-Mobile products and services into the market on an effective way.
Organisations that offer mobile products and services on their own name for instance, Service Provider, MVNO of Branded Reseller.
Telecom solutions
Organisations who supply solutions for Messaging & BlackBerry®, Fleetmanagement, Fieldservices, Corporate Data Access, Healthcare en Machine to Machine.

Another special thing is the Business partner. The Business partner of T-Mobile manages the mobile communication of companies. They listen to the wishes of the companies. Then they manage the mobile communication, of course this is depending on the wishes which are made.

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